Friday, March 26, 2010

Finals, and Beginning of a new Term!!!

Finals from My first term were simply amazing! I was truly watched over and protected with my finals. I know I wouldn't have been able to do so well, had I not realized that I am truly nothing and I am no one without Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ! I was fortunate and blessed to receive a 4.0 for the first time in my life! I finally did it!!! It is truly a wonderful feeling to see a lot of hard work and studying pay off.

It has now been two weeks into this new term, and I feel like I am stuck in a huge pile of purple gooey jello or something like that! I have to admit this new term has been a very crazy term. I tell myself if I can just make it through this term, all will be well. I sit here as I'm writing this blog thinking wow! I truly haven't embraced the moment. I should just be enjoying this term every second of the day and embrace all that I am learning. So, I'm going to now go and do that.
I'm trying not to say "I will try...." Because what energy comes from "Trying" Does anything get done with the whole trying line? I don't know, it makes me think, it is so much better to say "I will do..." How much more powerful is that? If we think about it that is simply what the Lord wants us to say as well. It will give us a better respect for ourselves and people will be able to respect us as well as trust us and be able to believe our word.
Sorry I got on a little soap box. This term I have a few classes that are going to be the death of me!
As Dory from Finding Nemo would say: "Just keep swimming. swimming swimming." or another favorite is "Cowboy Up!!!"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Time Awaiting

I have to admit that I have completely slacked on this whole blog thing. Although I do have an excuse for a little bit of time in slacking, since I was on my mission in Michigan Detroit. I just need to get back into the swing of this again.
I am now back obviously and going to massage college. I wish I would have gotten into this a lot sooner. I can't complain about getting a massage every day I'm at school, whether it is a foot massage or a full body massage, I don't really mind. I love it all anyways!
I thought for sure I would have a really hard time, with this. If any of you truly know me you know that I don't like to be touched and I don't like to touch people. I have or maybe I should say now, I had a bubble the size of China or may be the size of Asia! Anyway, the bubble was really big, but now I know that I don't have that big of a bubble. I rather enjoy massages!
I have been put in a really great school, that teaches you to pay attention to your surroundings and to be aware of your inner self. I love that! I love the fact that it relates so well to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I've also been blessed with some of the most amazing friends, Heavenly Father has really put so many friends in my path so that I can really come to recognize my true potential. I love the fact that my friends help keep me on the path, no matter how hard it is for them to get things out of me.
I have truly learned that the way that I used to deal with things isn't really a healthy way. I feel as though I'm going through a huge "refiners fire" at the moment. Which I am grateful for, I would never change any of my "refiner fires" for anything, or maybe I should change them to "temple prisons." I am so grateful for where Heavenly Father has put me and the places that I am put in to help me and most importantly to help others.
School updates:
  • I have done extremely well on all my quizes and tests in all my classes!
  • I have about 8 classes: Anatomy and physiology, swedish massage, tai chi, therapeutic principles, nutrition, reflexology, survey of body works, aromatherapy
  • I got my very own massage table, and massage chair!
  • Midterms are over and I did well
  • I did a full body massage in 30min!
If any of you would like a massage for a beginner student let me know, I would love to do it. I need all the practice I can get!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dole Plantation - Day 5

Today we went to the Dole Plantation. It was really interesting. I really loved going through and seeing pineapple plants on the ground, the banana's hanging from the trees, and a lot of other fruits and even caoca plants (chocolate) It was way cool. Kind of made me want to be Tarzan and all that and swing around on trees and climb them and get the fruit down. We went through a maze and a cool garden tour. I got some really pretty pictures. It made me wish I had Kris's camera. Cause mine just doesn't do it justice. I hope it worked out ok.

Mark and Dad went golfing, while Mom and I went to the re-broadcast of the women's conference at 7pm. It was amazing. I really love the R.S. Presidency, and President Uctdorf. Holy cow!!!

Well, it was kind of a traumatic night. Mark started having chest pains after him and Dad went swimming. Mom and I had the car, so they were calling us non-stop. It was interesting. We rushed him to the hospital where we were rushed right in. It was nice not to have to worry to much about a 2hr wait in the emergency room before they even consider putting you in a room in the back. We got this crazy doctor, that was so funny. He kind of reminds us of the tv show "House" the dr on there is supposed to be a good dr, but horrible at everything else. Terrible people skills, totally rude!, but yet funny. (mark didn't think he was to funny, but we all did) He kind of reminds me of "Dr. Doom" Clayton's will get that one. If you are worried about Mark, he is fine. We just have to take the playing portion and cut that out of our trip. He apparently ripped the cartillage on his ribs. So the pain was horrible. But it's calmed down.

Ok, I will post some more pictures soon. Sorry, we haven't been able to connect to the internet for a little while so, when I get back from church or maybe tonight I will try to post some. Have a happy sunday!!! I can bearly believe that we have just under 3 days left of vacation!!!

Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC)- Day 4

This was simply amazing! I don't know how to explain it. I really enjoyed it. I will have to put pictures up soon. We went on a tour as ambassadors and we got a guided tour, from this really cool girl that is going to BYU- Hawaii. She was so cool. In fact she is getting ready to turn in her mission papers as well. We went through all the different cuturals. Samoa was really cool. The guys were so funny. I really liked them all. I will have to go into more detail later, when I get the pictures up.

Wow, the luau was cool too. We sat by a newly wed couple that was fun to talk too. Reminded me of my friend Bernard and Nicki! Boy do I miss them. While we were there, the waitress lady that fills up the drinks pored the fruit drink all over the table. It was really interesting. she felt so bad. We kept telling her that it was really fine. We then watched a cool production. I filmed a little of it. It's kind of cool.

I will get pictures on soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wiamea beach day 3

This was at the Beach of Wiamea. It was really salty you could float very easily. There was some really cool cliff jumping going on as well. People were doing flips and everything. We some cool sea turtles in the water. I don't know how to explain it, but we saw this band of fish that would jump out of the water all together and they would do it in a cool way like they were skimming the surface. I wish I would have been faster with the camera.

We then went to the Wiamea falls. the water was completely tried up. Apparently they didn't have much rain this season. So it's not falling very well, or at all. So, we then went to the Polynesian Cultural center (PCC) to get our tickets, and then went to this really cool look out point the looks over the whole coast of Wiamea beach. We sat there and watched the sunset. It was really cool, as you get up there they have a huge area where they would use lava rock to build areas to do sacrifices for the Gods. It was pretty cool. there was also a little area that if someone died that you come and put a little remembrance thing and food. Didn't get a picture of that, thought it was to cruel of me to take a picture.

Sunsent from Hawaii! Hoping to get better ones before we leave.

This is the beach that we were on earlier today. Just a view from the look out point. I thougth it was simply amazing. If you notice it has a little pinincula sicking out and then to the right of it is a big rock pointing our from the beach. That is where they would do all the cliff jumping from.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turtle bay Hawaii - Day 2

This is Pearl Harbor! Holy cow, it was simply amazing to feel of the respect and spirit that was there! I absolutely love it! I have a higher respect and interest in the military, navy, etc.... It was simply amazing to see all the the sites with Pearl Harbor and to hear of them talk about the ships and crew. Here are just a few pictures. Trust me I have tons more pictures. but you know I don't want to take the time to put them all up. So, I will have to do it maybe when I get home.

We also took the little boat ride to the center of the harbor where the boats sank. It was amazing. we walked on the little memorial that they have there, and the spirit was so strong. But as we were on the boat back there was this amazing rainbow! That is so cool! I will have to get the picture on here for you soon. Hopefully I can do that.

Earlier today I was able to go on a walk with my parents and then with Mark. It was so cool. We saw a lot of these amazing trees. I absolutely love it. It brought out a good point and helped open my eyes to a lot of things. If you notice the tree has a whole bunch of roots! They are shooting out of every part of the the trunk. It does that, because they need that extra support. I absolutely love it. It reminded me of the gospel and how we needed to be rooted into the gospel. I had to take a couple of pictures. They are spread out all over the island. I love it every time I see them, I smile and pray that I'm going to be that rooted into the gosple. So that I'm not ever ever going to fall down.

Mark and I went to the beach. It was way cool, we got some really good pictures as a light mist of rain was coming down on us. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the Rooster that we saw that was running way from us. It was simply amazing! It would cock and then run from us. All I wanted was a picture. If I was a little faster I would have video taped it. I don't think I have ever felt so close to nature as I have here. I simply love it. I feel so much apart of the earth.

Today we also went to the International Market. It was really cool. There is this area where you have tons of street venders. It was a sight to be had. I wish I would have taken a picture. Luckily we didn't get through all of the stores so we will just need to go back. There is so much to do here!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 1 in Hawaii!

Wow, where do I start! We woke up and my parents decided that we needed to be at the airport two and a half hours early. So, we tried to do that, but didn't end up leaving till close to 10am. That was cool. We got our tickets and went through the security area. Mark and I went to this other line, and they happened to have these way cool red bins to put your stuff in. It was so cool, plus everyone else in our line was using them so we did. Come to find out our line was going way slow! It was crazy. come to find out they check everything in the red bins! oops!!!! So we hurried and switched ours to the gray bins. (hint to all you future travelers that decide to take explosives on planes, dont put your stuff in the red bins at the airport. It will get searched) Funny thing is they checked my bag anyways. I was hoping I could get a picture of the guy searching, but he was really against that.
We got on the plane and mark and I were back on row 42. It was cool. I let him have the window, and I took the isle. We watched two movies one was called recount (pretty interesting) then the other one was Drill bit Taylor (funny, but sort of weird) I read most of the time. All of you that told me to stay awake I did. I watched part of the movie 21 as well. I still haven't seen the end. But that would be a cool movie to watch again. It was really interesting.

We arrived and my mom arranged for a lady to give us some leis. they are very pretty! It was cool. We then had to wait get the car. Ok that is enough of borring details. So I'm going to continue on. We got to the condo and it was way crazy! It has this cool loft. and some cool flat screen tv's.

Dinner time came around and we decided to drive and see what was around the condo so that we could eat fast. Well, everywhere we went it was Shrimp. Ok, I have to admit. I'm not a shrimp fan. Luckily neither is most the family. So we kept driving and found this restaurant that is called Crouching Lion. It was really cool! A great view of the ocean with palm trees. the food wasn't bad as well. Me and Mom had some shredded pork that was way salty. But it was good! Mark and Dad had some steak, It was good too!!! We came home and all of us fell asleep.

It was weird that at home it was the same time I usually fall asleep, but here it was only about 9pm. ok I will try to post some more later tonight the family is getting tired of waiting for me. I think they want to go do something in the rain. So I will put more up later.